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Summer Adult Drinks with fresh Mixers - How to make a Margarita with Breville juicer

Summer Adult Drinks with fresh Mixers

How to make a Margarita with Breville Juicer. [amazon_link asins='B003R28HWQ' template='ProductCarousel' store='FP054-20' marketplace='CA' link_id='bc9c7cfe-6b05-11e7-85ab-1d866ca33f57']

I have been making juices for the past 3 years now. Enjoying the benefits and the flavors. Getting my vegatables and fruits in juice form, lets me get more micro nutrients, with out eating more fruit.  My go to machine the Breville Juicer, lets me experiment with all kinds of products.  Then it hit me, why not make cocktails with fresh juice. Off I went to the grocery store for limes and oranges, I had to buy in bulk since I was going to juice everything.

Margarita Mix

Summer Adult Drinks Margarita time.

I recently spent a week in New York, and on the way to the city, bought a premixed Margarita. Not bad tasting, but the sugar and preservatives were something I had to live with on the road. When I returned home, I decided to make my own Margarita mix, using 1 Cup of Lime Juice, 2/3 of a cup of Orange Juice, my own simple syrup, and the zest of the limes and oranges. The benefit? I knew exactly what I was consuming. I also used the best lime for garnish.

Tequila Sunrise

Summer Adult Drinks Glass of tequila sunrise cocktail

One of my favorite drinks in the morning or late evening. With fresh juice this is nothing short of spectacular. Orange Juice and Grenadine over some ice, and you get the blast of freshness, with the unique sunrise hue. To make the grenadine, use equal parts of fresh pomegranate juice and sugar. Dissolve and you have just the right amount of this sweetener.

Your summer drinks can be elevated with fresh juices you make yourself. Watch me make them on Youtube Click here.


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