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It's Shopping Day time to get the Pantry Restocked!

It's Shopping Day, time to replenish the Pantry!

The pantry needs to be restocked and the flyers are out. I've gone through the pantry, fridge, freezer, and spice cabinet to figure out what I will need to spend money on.

Become familiar with the aisles in your store when it is time to have your pantry restocked.

Coupons, flyers, and smart-phone apps are good for finding deals. Rewards programs also can work to your advantage if watch the deals. I am a member of the "PC.Plus" program at Loblaw's. This is my personal endorsement of the program, and I am not being compensated in any way.

One of my strategies to saving money when shopping is to seek out the best deals within reason. Seriously, a 15-minute drive out of my way to save a few cents in not smart shopping. You should have a "go to" supermarket, or group of them.  Where you familiarize yourself with the staff, isles, pricing, products, and spaces where deals can be found. Costco or Sam's Club are not one of these places. They move stock constantly and intentionally to throw you off.  Last week the light bulbs were in isle 6 and now they are at the front of the store.  The Big Box stores are famous for moving product, and to do that is to take away the "familiarity factor".

The Familiarity Factor

This is something that you develop over time. Walking up and down the aisles every week or two, you get familiar with the layout of your store. Where the produce is, bakery, the frozen foods section, deli, and the prices.  Not the ones that jump out at you and say SALE, but the ones on the shelf that show SKU, weight, and Price per KG. After you see these enough you start to develop the familiarity factor. This is where an item goes on sale, and you know it is a good deal because it's regular price is familiar to you. You look at the offer and pass because it is really not that good of a deal, they just want to move old stock.

Your App tracks your purchases.

Tailored Offers for when your pantry needs to be restocked.

This is a very good feature of the App I use. It tracks my spending habits and tailors offers based on what I buy.  If one of the offers is in my pantry supplies, I'll buy the product to collect the points, and stock up my pantry.  For 2016 I have earned enough points to redeem for 350.00 dollars in groceries.  In 2015, it was about 200.00 dollars. The bottom line for me is that I don't have to spend my cash on Holiday groceries.

Shop around, get familiar with pricing.

Marketing is designed to get you in the stores, product placement is to get you to impulse buy. When shopping, you are the boss.  It's your hard earned money, and not easy to part with. Use the Familiarity Factor to save money and eat better.

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