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The Personal Chef Blog

Who Am I

Hello. My name is Mike Moses. I'm a photographer and personal chef. I have decided to start this blog with two goals in mind...helping you save money and eat better. I'm going to post at least 3 articles a week to show you how easy it is to really eat better, prepare in advance meals that you just have to reheat, and of course enjoy eating a much as creating your meals.

Personal Chef Mike Moses

What you can expect.

I'll talk about food safety, very important! Preserving food, the right things to do. Preparing food, even for those finicky eaters.

Techniques that are essential in the kitchen.

There are a lot of "celebrity" chef's online, and some of them are very good. But do they really have to worry about the dollars and cents? Most don't. At the Family Personal Chef, I do. A food budget is critical, and getting the best nutrition and value for your money is priority number one. I'm convinced that with proper planning and execution, you can feed your family for a reasonable price, have food more nutritious than processed foods, and have the variety that we all crave.

This blog will cover your pantry basics, what spices you need, stocks, soups, dry goods, staples (yes ketchup is a staple), and kitchen tools. I'll be posting photos in step by step progressions on how to prepare these easy meals. The recipes are going to be printable so you can make your own copies. And I would like to personally invite you to subscribe to this blog. Participate anyway you like, comment, or even send suggestions. I'm here to help, one reader at a time. Welcome aboard. Mike

The Pantry is the Place to Stare and figure out What's for Supper.