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Why you need a list for Holiday Shopping

Some don't make a list.

This time of the year it seems that everyone is in a hurry to spend money. Some spend more than they have, others spend all they have. Here are some tips to help you reign in that budget and calm the Holiday Spending Blues. Start with your list.  Santa has been doing it for years, making a list and checking it twice. So should you. With your initial shopping list made, take a break, relax and then revisit it with these thoughts in mind. Do I need it, Do I have to have it or is this a nice to have?

Woman using tablet list

First Draft of the list.

Write down all your essentials for your meals and pantry. These are the things you have to have. Then for your special meals, separate them out and list them in a separate area. You'll see that your special items may be daunting, with little items that you would usually not purchase. For example, star anise, how many times in a year would you use this spice? With that in mind, consider going to a bulk store to pick up smaller quantities. Once you have the list made, look for duplication and substitutions.

Second Draft.

The second draft is where you'll plan your route. Grocery store, bulk store or big box store. You'll also find things that you didn't really need because you most likely had them in the pantry, shortening for example, or flour. When you head to the stores, it is imperative that you STICK to the list. Mark off what you have, and keep a running tally. This time of year, you will see all the sights and sounds of the holidays, with everything the stores think you'll need strategically placed right in front of you. Avoid the temptation to buy 10 boxes of crackers, the store just got rid of it's excess, and you just inherited it. By the end of the crackers shelf life, you'll be left throwing out half of them, costing you money.

I hope your thought process is getting sharper, and your starting to see some savings in your budget. Happy Holidays.

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