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I've been using FoodSaver for 2 years now!

Using my FoodSaver!

First of all, this is not a sponsored add.  It is my belief that if something works, and is a great value, I should share the information and brand. A couple of years ago I purchased a FoodSaver Vaccum sealing appliance at Costco. I was getting tired of the annual deep freezer toss out where a lot of meat was discarded because of freezer burn. Sucking the air out of a ziplock did not do the trick. Then I bought the food saver and haven't looked back.  You can purchase these from 90 to 300 dollars, plus you have to buy the bags after the initial supply dries up, but what is the actual cost?

FoodSaver Vacuum sealer.

Savings add up over time.

Considering my last freezer cleanup was a couple of weeks ago, and NOTHING was thrown out, says it all. Before the food saver, we would throw out in excess of 200 dollars of meats. Freezer burned chicken, steak, pork chops, and soups and stocks. Before the vacuum sealer, I would hesitate to buy in bulk because I knew I was going to loose about 50 percent to freezer burn.  After the vacuum sealer, I haven't lost anything. I now buy ground beef, chicken, sausages and pork chops in bulk and freeze4 or 5 meals from each package. Less waste, better variety, and good frozen meats. For stocks and soups, I first freeze them in a container, then transfer the "block" into a vacuum bag, seal and now these will keep for at least a year.

Christmas Gift to you!

Consider this something to put on your Christmas wish list, tax refund list, or just go out and buy one. A vacuum sealer will pay for itself with the cost savings on your meats, and by not having to throw anything out after 6 months will also add up. May times over.

Happy freezing.

Chef Mike

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