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Eggs - the Perfect Food since the beginning of time.

Researching Eggs

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In researching the egg, I was overwhelmed by all the dates and times that eggs were used. Documented use was as far back at 6000 BC in China. For North America, the first domesticated fowl reached our shores with Columbus’s second voyage in 1493. Farming of the prolific chicken made eggs part of the North American Diet, since it did not affect the chickens reproductive cycle. Eggs will also keep unrefrigerated for a week or so. The trick to telling if an egg was good was to put it in a pitcher of water. If it sank the egg was good, if it floated, it was considered rotten.

Our eggs are picked up at the grocery store, or local farmers market, and have a best before date on them, this takes out the guess work.

There are many, many uses for eggs, but today I’ll keep it simple. We’ll make the perfect hard boiled egg, an easy – perfect over easy fried egg, and light and fluffy scrambled eggs.

Hard Boiled Egg

I’m not sure why we call this a hard boiled egg. Because we actually soft boil it, until it is cooked all the way through. If we really hard boiled an egg in rolling boiling water, some bad things can happen. The egg could be come over cooked, or it may break in the water. This technique, ensures that you have a perfect Hard Boiled egg every time.

First put your egg in the pot.

Then place the pot on the burner and cover with cold water about an inch over the egg. Turn on the heat to Medium High, about 180 degrees and let the pot come up to a fast simmer. In other words, steam, and lots of little bubbles. Now you can remove the pot from the heat, cover the pot and let it sit for 8 to 10 minutes. Once your time is up, place the pot under cold water let it over flow until the water is cold. This stops the cooking process and cools down the egg so you can handle it.

Over Easy Egg

OK now to fry an over easy egg.  If you like the yolk runny, or stiff, the preference is up to you, but a runny yolk lifts the flavor and texture of the rest of your meal to new heights. So put the frying pan on medium high heat. While the frying pan is heating up, crack the egg on the counter and split the shell into a small bowl. This way you don’t have a chance of getting shells in the frying pan. Now we add 1 teaspoon of butter to the frying pan and move it around to cover the bottom.  The butter should be bubbling before we add the egg.  One thing we do not want is burnt butter. This is an indication that the pan is too hot. Now we add the egg. Carefully placing it in the middle of the pan. We don’t touch the egg at this point in time, because we want it to develop the crust on the bottom and keep everything in place. You can be daring and flip the egg after about 2 minutes, but I have an easier way. After the 2 minute mark put a tight lid on the frying pan, turn off the heat and in one minute you will have a soft runny over easy egg, 2 minutes a soft and not runny medium over easy egg, and 3 minutes a well done over easy egg. Our soft over easy egg is ready for serving. Fantastic with a little salt and pepper and some toast for dipping into the yolk.

Scrambled Eggs

The final preparation in this episode is perfect scrambled eggs.  This is an homage to the egg. No extra cream, salmon, chives, water, or cheese. Just the honest to goodness flavor of a light fluffy and moist scrambled egg.

We are going to put a nonstick frying pan on the heat. Again Medium High, or 180 degrees. While the frying pan is heating up, crack the eggs on the counter and split the shell into a small bowl. This way you don’t have a chance of getting shells in the frying pan. Now we add 1 teaspoon of butter to the frying pan and move it around with a spatula to cover the bottom.  The butter should be melted before we add the eggs. With the eggs in the bowl, gently beat them until the yolks are broken and incorporated into the whites. We do not want a solid yellow mixture here, just the yolks broken and mixed to for some yellow strings and white strings. Then add the mixture to the frying pan. The secret of this techniques is to always have the eggs moving in the pan, and controlling the heat. After about a minute of stirring, remove the pan from the heat and continue stirring. Then place back on the heat and continue stirring for about another minute. You might have to do this three or four times, depending on the number of eggs you have, or your stoves temperature. You will know they are finished when all the liquid appears to have been cooked. To keep these eggs as intended, they must be served right away. If they are left to long in the pot, they will over cook and become dry.

There we have 3 ways to cook your eggs to perfection. The perfect Hard Boiled Egg The awesome over easy Egg And the light fluffy scrambled egg.

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