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This Blog could Actually Save You Money!

Saving you Money is what I do.

All over the internet are budget spreadsheets, app's, and almost anything you can think of to "help" you with your shopping. My best advice is to have a base list. Know what you need, and don't deviate. Please, Please do not be tempted by the end of isle specials, or buy one get one free (unless it makes sense.) Here is my example that was on sale and what this it is really supposed to accomplish (get rid of stock).

Cocktail Peanuts, there was a great special on the 900g package, $8.00 a bag, normally $12.00, however, the 500g bags were not on sale and priced at $4.00 a bag. Doing the math I got 1000g for the same price of 900g's. The 500g bags are more manageable, and fresher.

It is the little things like this that add up over time. 1 bag of peanuts to use in a recipe now, and another in the pantry.

This train of thought is crucial to really get the total of your grocery bill down. A lot of us, I included, are suckers for impulse buying, and the grocery stores are designed just for that. Why do you think you have to go down to the deepest corner of the store just to get some milk? You have to pass temptation everywhere, and if your hit with it enough, you'll crack. The Big Bulk Stores know this as well, and really, what can you do with 100 rolls of toilet paper? Or 50 lbs of rice?

Shopping smart involves making a plan, I usually prefer 2 weeks of meals. Willing to substitute if things are priced out of the normal range. I know of people who coupon, collect points and use all these to bring the price of the grocery bill down. I scan the flyers, NEVER shop on Friday or Saturday, and always have an alternative to the expensive items. An example is a beef roast at $20.00 when a pork roast is $10.00, pork will do. Or deboned, skinless chicken breasts are $20.00, but the skin on, bone in chicken breasts are $7.00. Don't worry, it is not hard to debone and skin a chicken breast, but the bone and skin give more flavor and can be removed after cooking. I'll show you soon how to do this.

So when you go grocery shopping:

Make a list:

Go through the pantry and see what you need. Plan a few meals for the weeks and add the ingredient's to the list

Stick to the list Scan the sections for deals Do a little math to save money


If you shop smarter, eat better, you'll be happier and healthier.

Tomatoes the perfect Fruit!

The Pantry is the Place to Stare and figure out What's for Supper.