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Amazon buys Whole Foods - How you buy your groceries in the next few years may get interesting.

Amazon buys Whole Foods - How you buy your groceries in the next few years may get interesting.

We have heard of online purchasing of groceries before. In 1996 a little know company called PeaPod started online grocery shopping in a few select US urban area's. Since then they have grown to become the largest online grocery deliver store in the US. That is about to change with the announcement last week (June 16, 2017) that Amazon is buying Whole Foods Market for $13.7 Billion.

Online Game Changer

In my opinion this is going to force other large grocery stores to adopt a stronger online presence in both the US and Canada. The convenience of ordering groceries online is something, that when growing up and watching the Jetson's, was just a pipe dream. No longer, Amazon Fresh is going to expand, and if the location of some 400 Whole Foods stores in the US and 13 in Canada doesn't cause concern for the other grocery retailers, it should.  Amazon Prime could get it's 20 million members to pay a little more a month to have the convenience of online shopping and home delivery. Taking 20 million people out of the traditional grocery stores.

Amazon Shopping Two women pushing trolleys along supermarket aisle

What will this mean to you and I?

Simple, more competition, more choices, more convenience, and hopefully lower prices. but I wouldn't hinge any bets on the last statement. My biggest concern is the quality of produce and meats. I can't bring myself to buy produce that I haven't seen or touched. A cut of meat that I haven't checked the expiry date, looked at the color, and picked out the perfect size.  I still want to know what I'm buying is fresh, and as unprocessed as possible. That will be the greatest challenge for any online retailer.

Time will tell, but it is really Amazon buys Whole Foods -going to be an exciting time. Chef Mike

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